Friday, November 20, 2009

Is bacteria a producer?

Yes, most bacteria are producers. In biology, bacteria are called "autotrophs", like plants. The other group are called "heterotrophs", and they are you consumers, like you and me and my cat over here.

Some bacteria, though, are also what you would call "recyclers". I forgot the biological term for recyclers. Some bacteria, on the other hand, feed on other bacteria, so asides from being like plants, they are also like animals, which are heterotrophs.

Is bacteria a producer?
It depends with respect to what prospective u r thinking of, in general they are considered consumers but yes there r some bacteria which can do photosynthesis but they most common ones those help plants fixing N2.
Reply:a producer is an organism that can synthesise its own food. if the said bacteria can synthesise its own food, then yes, it ia a producer.
Reply:Most bacteria are not producers, they are consumers. Most bacteria are decomposers, though some are parasites.

The bacteria that are called cyanobacteria are producers that use photosynthesis. There are also some bacteria that live near deep sea volcanic vents and produce their own food using chemicals for energy. These bacteria are producers that use chemosynthesis.

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